Concentration - the Memory Games

Concentration - the Memory Games version 5.01, December 5, 2009

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News: December 5, 2009

Version 5.01 is out with a minor fix in the blog update notification feature.

December 3, 2009

Watch the first one of our high definition tutorial videos.

September 17, 2009

Version 5.0 of the game has been released. Check the feature list or try the game.

It contains two animated card sets: Monkey Business and Travel Stamps. They are both suitable for kids and fun to play with. Associative sets Pounce and Wag also available.

Concentration - the Memory Games

Realistic card sets

Concentration - the Memory Games is a full featured memory game of the card pair flipping style (known as tiles, pairs, flip over, concentration, mix and match as well) for Windows. It's traditional, yet, it's special. Why? Read More »

Concentration - the Memory Games is both fun and improves memory. For beginner and advanced players. It provides solitary entertainment and can be played againt an opponent as well. Evaluate »

High Definiton tutorial videos demonstrate key features of Concentration - the Memory Games. Just sit back and watch us play and explain how sound sets or associative play work. Watch Tutorials »

Extensive feature descriptions are available on the Galleus Blog filed under the Feature Description category.

If you want to play a good memory game for the challenge and fun, or use concentration for educative purposes, you've come to the right place. Because Concentration - the Memory Games is:


Concentration - the Memory Games: Versatile
Play on seven board sizes (up to 9 x 9) in two game modes. Single player or against an opponent. Play with unique bonus elements like joker. Features »


Concentration - the Memory Games: Colorful
Eye candy card sets for kids and grown ups. Try animated cards or sound card sets to match sound effects. Find related images in associative play. Card Sets »


Concentration - the Memory Games: Fun
Gravity, randomly moving or teleporting cards, and various teleport modes increase card values. You can match two, three or four identical cards.


Concentration - the Memory Games: Educative
Learn with Concentration - the Memory Games. Check out card tool-tips, match cards to descriptions. Use label overlays in full-screen mode to play in a classroom.


Concentration - the Memory Games: Professional
Create a regular player to keep track of your personal statistics. Go for the high score or just relax and play stress free.


Concentration - the Memory Games is shareware. You're free to use it 24 times during the evaluation period. If you decide to keep it, please register, now easier than ever, securely from inside of the program. How to order? Read more »

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