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Pounce and Wag Card Sets

Pounce and Wag are the first associative card sets available. Each set has the same functionality as a simple concentration card set has, but you can adjust settings to play by matching related kitten and puppy images.

This type of association exercises different parts of your brain than identical image matching does.

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To install a card set from the Internet click the download link of the card set pack in your browser. When the browser asks, click Open, not Save. When the download completes, the card set will be automatically installed.

  • Concentration - the Memory Games: Pounce Card Set Icon Concentration - the Memory Games: Wag Card Set Icon
  • Image Source: Andy Nortnik
  • Name: Pounce, Wag English Spanish Hungarian
  • Distribution: Freeware
  • Release date: September 17, 2009
  • User Rating:
  • Card Count: 24 + 1, 24 + 1
  • Color Depth: 24 bit (16 million colors)
  • Additional Sounds: Yes
  • Additional Background: No
  • Image associations: Yes Click for more information New
  • Animated card faces: No
  • Download: 1024 x 768 (802 816 B)

Note about card sets with image associations

Version 5.0 of Concentration - the Memory Games is required to enable image associations. If you use an earlier version of the game, card sets will function as separate, individual sets.

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